Stephanie Stiavetti

Certified Mindset Coach

I help empathic, highly sensitive  people find peace of mind in a world that feels too dang loud and hard to handle.

About Me

I'm a coach who spent 20 years split between two intense careers: corporate tech and commercial kitchens. As a trauma survivor and highly sensitive person who excels in ambitious, driven environments, I've got the secret sauce for finding balance when everything seems completely out of control.


I'm a Certified Coach through The Life Coach School, where I specialized in applied coaching, behavioral change, emotional processing, and urge work. I'm also a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner in Training, integrating SE™ techniques into my practice.


Spoiler alert: there's one area where you have the most control, and that's where you want to double down.


I'll show you where, why, and how.


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The Life Coach School Certified Life and Weight Coach

When It Gets Really Bad

Sometimes a moment can feel... awful.


It's too heavy. There's too much going on. You feel overwhelmed by sadness, or anxiety, or fear.


In moments where it gets to be too much, there's a simple technique for regaining peace and relaxation.

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