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Do you dream of feeling calm and collected, where no one can make you upset?


Are you tired of feeling like so many things in life are out of your control?


My clients find freedom, clarity, and most importantly, a sense of peace in their lives.

Balance and peace are not only possible, but totally within your reach.

Life can feel completely out of control. And if you're a sensitive person or trauma survivor, like me, it can be overwhelming. All this stuff happens to you, and it feels like you're just along for the ride... only that ride is the world's twistiest roller coaster and you have no idea how to get off.


So you eat something you wish you hadn't. Maybe you yell at someone you love, or have a near (or total) meltdown at work. Perhaps you're not pursuing your dreams, and instead spend most of your free time in recovery mode... because, seriously, that's all you can manage.


Guess what? I can help.


I'm an intuitive empath who helps sensitive folks thrive in this crazy world, instead of just surviving. I've got the secret sauce for maintaining peace when everything seems completely out of control, so you can feel good both mentally and physically. 


Spoiler alert: there's one area where you have the most control in your life, and that's where you want to double down. I'll show you where, why, and how. 


Professionally, I'm a Certified Coach through The Life Coach School, where I specialized in applied coaching, behavioral change, emotional processing, and urge work. I'm also a PQ Coach using Positive Intelligence tools and a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner in Training, integrating SE™ trauma management techniques into my practice.


I use my empathic skills to gainer a deeper sense of my clients' challenges, and then I employ practical, science-based techniques to help make positive changes in their lives. I specialize in a series of different methods that include cognitive behavioral techniques, body movement, emotional trauma work, and nervous system management strategies. When used together, these methods have the power to seriously change your life.


I can help you have the life you’ve always wanted: peace of mind, a sense of clarity, and knowing you are 100% in control.


This is not a textbook process with a robotic coach giving you vague advice that won't work. The way I work is highly individualized, based entirely on your needs. Having an intuitive empath on your side makes this process so much faster — listening, witnessing, and holding compassionate space for your experience is baked into my DNA. 


Not sure what an intuitive empath is? Find out more about me here.


Together we'll dive deep into what's going on in your life, your mind, and your heart. We'll find what's dragging you down and gently untie the ropes, so that you're left feeling stronger and more powerful in your life. 

The Life Coach School Certified Life and Weight Coach

Important note: I am not licensed health care professional, doctor, therapist, counselor, or psychologist. As such, I do not engage in therapy with my clients. If any mental health difficulties arise during the course of our coaching relationship, clients will immediately be referred to appropriate care from a licensed mental health provider.

When It Gets Really Bad

Sometimes a moment can feel... awful.


It's too heavy. There's too much going on. You feel overwhelmed by sadness, or anxiety, or fear.


In moments where it gets to be too much, there's a simple technique for regaining peace and relaxation.

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